सीवीबी की जानबूझ कर इमेज खराब करने वालों ये पढ़ो

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This is in response to your article on CVB News Service in the ‘Kanafusi’ section of Bhadas4media. Kindly publish it in the interest of your readers to have a balanced and correct view of the happenings in the organization. Let me correct some of the false claims made in the article in a deliberate attempt to tarnish CVB News Service’s image.

But, before that let me point out that Bhadas4media is doing no good to media persons or the cause of journalism by publishing such aspersions leveled by incompetent and unworthy people.

I am sure the author chooses to remain anonymous because he fears his falsehood will be revealed. Yashwant (editor – Bhadas), you say that you believe in bringing transparency. For God sake do not cheat yourself and your readers. The writers can create news from their imagination and find an audience on your portal because it is titillating. I wonder what journalism or media has taught you and what ethics you have.

Let me come to the false claims made in this article:

1. CVB News Service is still doing over 50 stories per day maintaining high standards by any degree. If Editor of this portal or any of the readers needs proof, subscribe to the agency and see how many stories you get or ask any of the agency’s clients.

2. The author mentions - again falsely that s/he is in ‘great’ pain for not getting his salary. The truth is employees at CVB have been told that those in real need can still ask for their salaries and the management has been providing them even till date.

3.The imaginary deal of Rs 15 crore with Mamata Banerjee that the author has cunningly weaved only points that the aim of creating such stories is to defame CVB News Service and  its proprietor. May I point out that Mr Yashwant Deshmukh, owner of CVB News Service, is a brilliantly dignified man and such evil designs by you can’t even touch him, leave aside tarnishing his image which I presume is your aim. He stands tall among entrepreneurs of this country with his distinct style of giving his business a human touch.

About the other bullshit that the author mentions, please note my email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can meet me anytime and find out the truth and motives of this concocted story.

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