हिंदुस्‍तान टाइम्‍स में राजेश महापात्रा को नई जिम्‍मेदारी

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हिंदुस्‍तान टाइम्‍स अपने को और मजबूत करने की कयावद कर रहा है. कंटेंट से लेकर ब्रांडिंग तक स्‍ट्रेटजी तैयार की जा रही है. इसी क्रम में हिंदुस्‍तान टाइम्‍स में कुछ आंतरिक बदलावा किए गए हैं. संजोय नारायण ने अपने सहयोगियों को एक चिट्टी जारी की है, जिसमें अखबार को मजबूत करने के लिए राजेश महापात्रा को स्‍ट्रेटजी डेवलप करने की जिम्‍मेदारी सौंपी गई है.

संजोय नारायण ने दिल्‍ली और मुंबई के एडिशनों को छोड़कर सभी स्‍थानीय एडिशनों के संपादकों को निर्देश दिया है कि वे राजेश को अपनी रिपोर्ट करेंगे. नीचे सहयोगियों को भेजा गया संजोय नारायण का चिट्ठी.

Dear colleagues,

As all of you would know, Hindustan Times has successfully consolidated its leadership position in Delhi and emerged a clear No. 2 in Mumbai over the past year. Moving forward, we want to build on this success and replicate it in other locations in order to strengthen our national footprint. Our regional editions in Chandigrah, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata have already embarked on this mission.

Several initiatives were taken through last year to scale up their content and enhance visibility. The results have been very encouraging. It is time we turn to an overarching editorial strategy for these editions a strategy that would include continuous content upgradation, monitoring competition, building brand equity and creating synergies across locations.

I am happy to entrust Rajesh Mahapatra with the responsibility of developing and executing such a strategy. He will also oversee all operational issues concerning non-Delhi, non-Mumbai editions. While I remain their manager, resident editors of these editions will functionally report to Rajesh. Through me, Rajesh will also work to deepen the interface our editions and staff in Delhi and Mumbai with those in other locations.In Delhi, Rajesh will continue to drive HTU and supervise research work. Please join me in wishing Rajesh success in his new role.

Sanjoy Narayan.