''पीके सिंह के चलते ईटीवी छोड़कर जा रहा हूं''

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ईटीवी यूपी-उत्‍तराखंड, कानपुर से सेल्‍स एक्‍जीक्‍यूटिव निशांत कटियार ने इस्‍तीफा दे दिया है. वे अपनी नई पारी दैनिक भास्‍कर के साथ शुरू कर रहे हैं. इस्‍तीफा देने के कारणों का खुलासा करते हुए उन्‍होंने एक ईमेल हिंदी चैनलों के हेड जगदीश चंद्रा, मार्केटिंग के वाइस प्रेसिडेंट समेत कई वरिष्‍ठों को भेजा है. एक प्रति भड़ास के पास भी भेजा है. जिसमें उन्‍होंने विस्‍तार से चैनल छोड़ने का कारण गिनाया है.

निशांत ने अपने मेल में कहा है कि वे अपने मार्केटिंग सीनियर पीके सिंह के व्‍यवहार से दुखी होकर यह निर्णय लिया है. उन्‍होंने आरोप लगाया है कि पीके सिंह एक अनप्रोफेशन आदमी हैं, जिनके साथ काम कर पाना मुश्किल है. नीचे वरिष्‍ठों को लिखा गया पत्र..

Dear sir

myself nishant katiyar working as senior sales executive in etv kanpur ( ETV - U.P / Utt. ), I had send business of 24 lac on 2nd June 2011 for login & has finalised 24 lacs more of same italian wall putty client yet to be logged in by 20th June. ( Total deal being 48 lac in negotiation since Jan 2011 ).

I had joined this organisation on 7th dec 2010 & has worked for 6 months till date. since my joining has logged in total Business of 28 lacs & my yearly target was 18 lacs. I am writing this email to you as i had resigned from my current job profile today & is joining dainik bhaskar group & wants to give my valuable feedback to you about the organisation management.

I had joined this organisation because of its marketing team reputation in market but i am afraid to state that I had worked with corporate print media houses like Dainik Jagran , amar Ujala & Nai Duniya but has not seen such a pathetic / non cooperative / non marketing experience attitudanal immediate senior ( Mr. P.K singh ) in any organisation except ETV network.

I along with my current & EX colleagues ( removed in April / May / June - 2011 ) has went through mental harrasment / trauma that can't be explained because of Mr. P.K singh who is totally of non marketing background / experience & is on seat because of his cheap political games played & linkages with higher authority sitting at RFC which we all are aware of.

Since my joining i found that he was busy in playing his cheap political tricks in U.P branch office against diffrent people working in different departs especially with marketing executives by not signing their reimbursements & holding other fringe benefits.

After leaving of EX marketing Head & Ex CPH he was incharge & has called for a meeting where he has clearly informed us that he is the " GOD" of this office & without his permission & will we can't survive & if we want to be part of etv we had to obey & follow him else he will not renew our contract & will throw us out of organisation.

He has called us several times on mobile through Mr. Rajvir ( receptionist at ETV lucknow )  - who is his nephew & has harrased us by using cheap & filthy slangs  / abuses which can never be tolerated by people who has self respect (though my contract has been renewed just coz of logged in revenues).

He only favours 5 people in whole marketing team - Razi Hadi , yogesh tiwari amitendra , sharad pandey & aftab who are working as his puppets & are totally non performers & deserve to be terminated on business grounds as discussed in meeting held in Jan by ex marketing seniors infront of us.

Please take feedback of current & Ex marketing employees ( Ibran Rain - sitapur, Sanket Verma - barabanki , Navdeep Chaturvedi , Wasi akhtar - lucknow , Syed Ishan - meerut , Arvind tripathi , Parul shukla - lucknow , sachin shukla - dehradun , amit vasih - kanpur & many more  removed in april / May / june - 2011) about the conditions over here as no body is listening & seeing our problems resulting in mental torture hampering our business productivity.

We need a Senior marketing person who can guide & help us to built way by being our mentor & not a non marketing background person who treat us as slaves & think himself as master just beacuse of powers given by management to him.

Kindly save the remaining team members from mental torture & attitudnal political cheap mentaility harrasment by taking feedback by current team / santosh sharma - new marketing head.

thanking you

Nishant Katiyar