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We the students of IIIT Allahabad are in a shocked state because of sad demise of our colleague Akshay Tyagi (Student of IInd semester, B.Tech. E & C) and the actions taken thereafter from the Director, Dr. M. D. Tiwari and other administrative staff. In this situation we are appealing you to take immediate steps before another accident like Akshay Tyagi takes place.

We are hereby mentioning some relevant points which gave rise to the present grave situation. It is to be noted that we have in the past brought these points to the notice of the IIITA administration many times but because of the vested interest of the director and his associates no action has been taken so far.

The recent sad demise of Akshay Tyagi, a student of B.Tech. Electronics, IIITA at morning 8:00 AM (28 March) was a natural fallout of a criminal business racket being run by Director, MD Tiwari in nexus with Vaish family. This is just a foreground issue but what prompted this lies hidden away. We want to shed some light. This is  one among other previous incidences where because of criminal negligence of Director MD Tiwari/his coterie people that our beloved friends died in a totally helpless conditions. Year 2009: Megha Goel suffering with brain fever was admitted at Nazareth after a great delay where no proper super-specialty doctors were available. Year 2010: A student of MBA     suffering with asthma had exhausted his inhaler and could be sent to outside hospital only after a tremendous delay. He died in the hostel waiting for clearance from D.F.O for vehicle. Year 2011: One of our mentally depressed colleague left the hostel at night and it took one hour to contact the warden. The only doctor is approachable with lots of difficulty over phone and that too through her abusive husband (The Deputy Registrar, Asheesh Kumaar) and she normally does not bother to visit the patient in person and  is doing two jobs with no specialization.

The shocked students were not even allowed to go with the dead body of their beloved friend and instead rudely threatened and mocked by Director, wardens, Deputy Registrar (Finance) R.B. Singh, Caretaker Vinod Vaish etc.

Everybody should know how the students are literally being harassed and subdued by the private business interest of Vaish family in collusion with Director. A cursory inquiry by any proper investigative agency will reveal that most of the lucrative students' affairs being controlled by them where i) Naini Hostel is the property of Arun Vaish, ii) The Hostel caretaker is Vinod Vaish, iii) The students cultural affair and other matters are controlled by an illegally appointed faculty Anurika Vaish (a PhD under MD Tiwari and promoted to Associate Professor and Head of MBA-IT division)and her brother Abhishek Vaish (who is also known as being illegally appointed), iv) Two of the three student mess at main campus are also being run by Atul Gupta (Maternal uncle of Anurika).

Although it is not known to people outside our campus, we the students were already fed up with a series of atrocities committed by IIIT-A administration which is currently being run as the private property of Vaish family and MD Tiwari coterie (including DFO R B Singh). But the sad demise of Akshay and the nasty actions taken  by administration thereafter appeared to us as beyond the limit and made us typically perturbed about the inhuman and inept nature of administration including Director MD Tiwari.

Dr. M.D. Tiwari was never a reputed teacher nor a scientist, but he is an expert in making connections. He served mostly in UGC and made many connections in Delhi and thereby could become the vice chancellor of a new university in UP. He faced some charges there and had to leave. He has no expertise in Information Technology, neither he is an expert on computer science or electronics. These kinds of institutes such as IIT’s or IIIT’s must have a specialist as the leader and we have no dearth of such experts in India or abroad. Most of the staff in this institute is from his locality and from influential families.

Now the facts with figures regarding the sad demise of Akshay:

Caretaker Vinod Vaish lodged FIR with a lawyer giving false information that Akshay has fallen from the fast running bus.

The body kept lying unattended on the site of incident for more than forty minutes due to the absence of any responsible functionary at the Naini hostel and sheer medical negligence.

We, the students were kept in total dark about the whereabouts of Akshay's body or his parents/family members or where the post mortem was performed etc.

At Naini Hostel although officially 2 big and 2 small buses are arranged for 220 students but effectively it is not more than 3 buses with no conductors. The students are forced to travel around 50 kms (commuting daily from Naini hostel to Nehru Science Centre in city to Jhalwa main campus for labs and then back to Naini hostel in a single day) in  squalid conditions.

We had reported about such bus-irregularity one and half month back but in vain, only to receive threatening, goon like bullying from administrative authority (including MD Tiwari) and caretaker Vinod Vaish (who is simply like local Mafia) along with misbehavior from drivers and the mess staff at the Naini hostel.

Moreover, many a times we have reported about the very pathetic and completely inhospitable condition of Naini Hostel due to i) no ventilation for our rooms, ii)surrounded by asbestos factories making it dangerous for health, iii)  Bad quality food supplied by mess for which we are paying more than IIT/NIT hostels and we have no forum to inform about the food-quality and not even the content, iv) not possible to even get tea from outside of campus where local goons and mafias are known to roam around, v) no place/arrangement for extra-curricular activities.

Since its inception, the same Director is continuously giving false assurance to first year students to bring them to their mother campus by constructing another hostel. But now we know that MD Tiwari and Vaish group finished so many unnecessary constructions (Swimming Pool, Auditorium etc.) but intentionally stopped further hostel construction only to give benefit to Vaish Family who are earning nearly rupees 35 lacs (nearly 30 lacs per anum for the hostel building of which they are the owners and take 5 lacs as salary for being caretaker of the same hostel).

Moreover, even at present it is not a problem to accommodate first year students at IIIT-A main campus at Jhalwa, where i) seniors are ready to accommodate them, ii) among visitors' hostels I, II and III a huge space is always lying vacant at VH-III, iii)Dormitory is lying vacant, iv) 5 professors' quarters are also lying vacant.

IIIT-A has no dearth of money to construct a new hostel. But to the authority (MD Tiwari coterie and Anurika Vaish Family) the priorities are only to spend huge money for arranging entertainment programs, to send Abhishek Vaish and other coterie faculty/staff to abroad etc. Moreover, we the students pay much more than IIT pals are paying and therefore we deserve good arrangements and transparency about the fate of our paid amount.

Initially we could not understand the logic behind authority's (i.e., MD Tiwari's) intention to keep the first year students 30 km away from the main campus. Because even if there is no space near main campus at Jhalwa, the students could have been accommodated at nearby rented houses. Now we know that it is only to give benefit to Vaish Family and also to earn through them as described above which also includes Rupees 1 Lakh monthly (rent and fuel costs) for each privately arranged bus and the maintenance of which is so poor that quite often they ask us to push it from back knowing well the risk of being run-over for its backward move at sloppy road while busy in pushing it.

Students were not told about FIR and obviously not shown the copy of it. We were not even told about the place of post mortem. We are surprised and shocked about such hush-up practice and lost all the faith from the authority. When we asked about this information, we only received abusive, bullying and threatening words from warden/ other authority/coterie people, for example, they would damage our career, suspend us etc. More specifically, when the students were assembling for a peaceful candle march to condole the tragic death of our friend, Akshay Tyagi, warden Vijendra Singh threatened the students of physical punishment by the guards. Official calls from IIIT Allahabad are being made to their homes, warning parents for their children's career if they do not back out of the peaceful agitation.

We also know that because of these misuse of power and abusive/bullying/threatening tendency of authority many of our beloved teachers left this institute and     later joined IITs.

Update on the morning of 02/04/2011 -

Yesterday, we were blatantly lied to on our faces by the director about the fine which we have paid which was wrongly imposed upon us in lieu of Rakhsa Bandhan. The Director denied that he had imposed any such fine, but we have the recepit and the official mails and the documents which were sent to us, and clearly indicate that this fine amount was given, atleast in the order of lacs to the institute.

Yesterday night, the riot police were called to intimidate us and we were intimidated by false claims of application of section 144 IPC.

Yesterday night, the Dean of Student Affairs at our college, Mr. R.C.Tripathi announced in front of all the students and the authorities present that an office order to the effect that Sine Die has been declared in the institution. But this has obviously not been implemented as the college bus service was working in the morning, and college officials were reported coming to the college. It seems as if the college is functioning only without any academic activities of any kind.

We are also not being allowed in the campus, where around 280 of our fellow students are still there. The girls hostels in the campus have been shut down and the students have nowhere to go.

The 280 students in the main campus have not been given any food supplies and have not consumed anything since a span of atleast 10 hours. Their resources are almost nil and we are not being allowed to give them even food to eat. Are they not humans? Do they not have basic human rights?

We are typically pained and completely shocked with the inhuman and criminal face of the people in authority at our institute, IIIT, Allahabad and we are placing the following demands:

Our Demands

Initiation of probe by external and proper Government Investigative Agency to ascertain the root cause of death of Akshay and previous students.

Immediate resignation of Director M. D. Tiwari and complete change of the brute, and money-mongering administrators which includes other members of administration: Deputy Registrar (Finance) R.B. Singh, Student-Caretaker Vinod Vaish and Student cultural affairs in-charge, Anurika Vaish. We are totally outraged by their false assurances, threatening and abusive attitudes.

Copy of FIR filed by Vinod Vaish on behalf of institute and Post Mortem report.

Proper compensation to Akshay's Family which should not be less than Rs. 20 lacs because on 30th morning Dr. M.D. Tiwari himself said that he had offered Akshay's family a sum of 50 lacs which on confirmation with his family members turned out to be a false statement. The institue’s management regulary extorts huge amount from us on the pretext of very petty issues. A point to be noted in this context is that a fine of  the order of lacs was imposed on students who went home for Raksha Bandhan.

Immediately close Naini Hostel and stop this business racket and interest of Vaish Family which they are running in collusion with Director, MD Tiwari. Shift the students immediately to main campus hostel (where seniors are ready to accommodate them) and other buildings including visitors' hostels that are lying vacant. If needed vacate the hostel rooms that are currently occupied by non-hostel staff.

All students of

Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

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