हास्टल से महिला पत्रकार का सामान फेंका

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: भड़ास4मीडिया को पत्र भेज शाहला निगार ने मदद की अपील की : जामिया के वीसी नजीब जंग की जानकारी में है प्रकरण : नियम कानूनों की धज्जियां उड़ाकर महिला पत्रकार को जबरन बाहर किया : परिवार से दूर अकेली लड़की अपनी सहेली के साथ रहने को है मजबूर : शाहला ने हास्टल से बेदखली के खिलाफ कोर्ट में दाखिल की याचिका :

Subject: Regardig the case MS Hostel Jamia

Dear Sir, This is Shahla Nigar, working with DD News and with a production house. As a working women, I have applied for hostel accomodation in Mirdula Sarabai Hostel for working women for five years on 15, Dec 2006. After completing three years on 15 Dec 2009 I have applied for extention for two years as per the rule. After an interview with provost I got extention. but suddenly on 27 Nov 2010 I recieved a notice from warden of the Hostel that  ''your tenure will be completed by 15 Dec 2010. and you have to vacate the hostel till date.'' I assumed that it was sent to me by mistake I gave her written answer of the notice that my tenure will be completed by 15 Dec 2011. After that day they started to harrass me mentally.

I met the provost and requested her to consider my problem but she said that she will not do anything.She said that she make some new rules. but no resident have recieve any copy of new rule. and no rule has been displayed on the notice board. And if the basic structure of the mannual is going to change, these rules are not retrospective. There are so many residents who are staying in the hostel from 15  to 19  years. There are dictatorship of Provost going on in the hostle. And this hostel is under the Ministry of Women and Child Devoloupment. Then I asked to V.C of Jamia to meet him regarding my problem but he denyed to meet, he said that I should sent my representation to him. but till date I don't recive any response from his side.

Then I filled a petition in Saket Court. At that time I didn't have the copy of my extention form that's why court dissmisses my application for intrim relief. Then I appealed in the Upper Court. The date of hearing about my appeal is 21 Jan, 2011. Suddenly on 13, Jan 2011 in the morning, when I was sleeping in my room Proctor of Jamia, Warden and Provost of the hostel and so many security guards (around 20 to 25) entered in my room and thrown out all my luggaage from my room to outside the hostel. I have no option to do anything. Right now I am staying with my friend. My Parrents are so far from Delhi. There is no relative of me in Delhi. I am very scared about my security. I am requesting you kindly do the needful regarding the same. I am needy for hostel. and I don't want that any other girl should suffer like me. I am requesting you kindly do something.

Shahla Nigar

Note- Vice Chancellor of Jamia is Najeeb Jung who is the head of Jamia. Proctor is Masood Alam who entered in my room with Provost Arvindar A Ansari, Warden Roohi Fatima and so many security guards and thrown out all my luggage from my room to outside the hostel.