Please Help Nepal 1 Staff in Kathmandu

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from Rishi Prachand This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : date Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 8:14 AM : subject- Please Help Nepal 1 Staff in Kathmandu :  Dear Yashwantji / Anilji, I am an avid watcher of Nepal 1 TV in Hongkong as it is the only TV Channel in Nepal that does not mindlessly speak bad about Indo-Nepalese. Also the reporting is generally fair.

But since the past three years we have been seeing the change of three heads of operations, more than dozen heads of news and not to name the ample number of times the Channel has been in unnecessary controversy. But recently it is the limit. It seems the legendary Ms. Nalini Singh, the Channel's Owner has joined hands with anti-India forces and has started staffing Nepal 1 with people from Dawood supported Yusuf Ansari's National TV Channel.

Ask any Nepalese and he will tell you that National TV fans anti-India sentiments by inserting all kinds of false news about India that have no basis. And just minutes after the announcement happened that K. Chhapagain from National TV will be taking over as News Chief of Nepal 1, its News Chief Dharmendra Karna was kidnapped.

Kidnapping of journalists and killing them is commonplace in Nepal but removing them like this is shocking. I accidentally came across your site and thought of bringing this to your notice as Nepal is an Indian Channel but that does not mean that journalist brethren on that side of border in Nepal are secondary citizens.

In case you aren't aware,

(1) Nepal 1 has been closed twice in Kathmandu because it was not paying its Staff minimum wages,

(2) It still does not give written contracts to the journalists and employ them by making them sign on a typewritten paper and not even a letter head and no employee has any proof that they are working

(3) It owes over Rs. 1 crore in taxes to Dept. of Inland Revenue and an equal amount in terms of Sales Tax to Govt that it has not been paying for over six years. The list is endless. But then purely because us Nepalese on both sides of the border like the fact that it is visible to us

Sir, please help those people at Nepal 1's Kathmandu Bureau or they will be annihilated.


Rishi KC