मेरी छवि खराब करने की कोशिश हुई है : मुदित माथुर

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Dear Yashwant, You personally know me and my background very well and therefore there is no need to give explanation about my credentials and contribution in the struggle of journalists for the betterment of their service conditions and social protection. I am deeply pain to see a fabricated and malicious news item posted on your portal with an intention to malign my image in the journalistic circles.

The selection of words used against me are not only too harsh but defamatory and derogatory also, and not expected from the intellectual class we belong. This also shows malice and prejudices against me. Nobody asked for my version before writing such a derogatory news item against me.

I am forwarding the same mail which was received by me from some undisclosed BSP Spokesman and I replied him with a query- " Dear Spokesman, Pl clarify what you have to say about the statement of victim's mother who is also leveling allegation of rape?" The news item deliberately ignored mentioning of this material fact which publicly poses uncomfortable question before the  BSP leadership.  This also shows that you are not able to understand and comprehend what is written in black and white. I fail to understand how could it lead to such a conclusion that I am involve in Dalali of the government and BSP?"

Having read the baseless contents of news item on your portal several of my shocked well-wishers and friends rang up me saying this write up is in very bad taste and lowered my public image. I leave this matter to your conscience for doing justice as this news item has tremendously  hurt my soul and hard earned creditability in the profession.

yours sincerely

Former Staff Correspondent,
Navbharat Times,
1/4 Dalibagh Officers' Colony,
Lucknow- 226001
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