मॉडल के पिछवाड़े देवी दर्शन कराने पर बवाल

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हिंदुस्‍तान लखनऊ के संस्‍करण में छपे एक फोटो को लेकर लोगों में उबाल है. फोटो सिडनी में आयोजित फैशन शो में एक मॉडल का है. इस मॉडल ने फैशन शो में स्‍वीम ड्रेस में जो बिकनी पहन रखा है उसके पीछे भारत में पूजे जाने वाली देवी लक्ष्‍मी की तस्‍वीर बनी हुई है. इसको लेकर हिंदुवादी संगठनों में जहां उबाल हैं वहीं फैजाबाद जिले के रूदौली निवासी डा. नेहाल रजा ने भी इस फोटो के प्रकाशन पर अपनी आपत्ति जताई है.

उन्‍होंने हिंदुस्‍तान, लखनऊ के संपादक को पत्र लिखकर पुरजोर विरोध किया है तथा मांग की है कि मॉडलभारत सरकार इस मामले में आस्‍ट्रेलियाई सरकार से बात करे. डा. रजा ने जिस तरह इस वाकये के विरोध किया है उसकी चारों तरफ सराहना हो रही है. नीचे हिदुस्‍तान के संपादक को लिखा गया पत्र.

The Editor,

Hindustan (Hindi)


Sub : Strongly oppose the disrespect to our Indian Goddess displayed in Australia.

This is to bring to your kind information that Hindustan (Hindi) of 6th May, 2011 has a picture on Page 10 of Aaina section which shows a semi-nude model posing for the Sydney Fashion Show. One of her garments has Goddess Laxmi printed on it and it displays disregard and disrespect to our Indian mythology. A copy of that picture is attached with this email for your perusal.

I strongly oppose this and you are requested to kindly throw more light on this so that the Government of India can speak to the Australian Government in this regard.

Yours truly,

Dr. Nehal Raza,


099 365 35399

094 151 52710.

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written by sanjev sharma, May 09, 2011
It is pity that western designers are using hindu mythological characters in disgraceful manner.Earlier too.a french shoe company Mineli put images of lord Rama and Krishna on shoes.These acts should be condemned in strong words.
written by sanjev sharma, May 09, 2011
It is pity that Hindu mythological characters are targeted by western designers time and again and no action is taken against them.Earlie too a french shoe company Mineli , put figures of lord Rama and Krishna on shoes.This should be condemned in strong words.
written by Ajay K Chaubey, May 09, 2011
This is a matter of disregard and disrespect that Indian deities are being portrayed on undergarments not knowing that Indian mythologies have always been the matter of pride throughout the world and they should also know that Indian scriptures have led the world in the right direction. Our country which invented Zero and has restored the human civilization right from the Vedic era to till date and goddesses of such nation is being displayed on lingerie.

I have certain apprehensions with what happened in Australia and our Government should not only lodge the protest in UNO but also compel the same for apology and assurance for not repeating the same in future.

Dr. Ajay K Chaubey
Assistant Professor
Dept. of English
BBD University, Lucknow
written by Ashish K Sharma, May 09, 2011
I strongly condemn such an act of disregard to Hindus in particular & humanity in general.This is a threat to piece of world and can lead to serious consequences. People must live in the world not only with their rites and rights but also with some social, moral and ethical obligations. A serious talk with Australia is the need of the hour and on the part of the Indian government.

Ashish K Sharma
Assistant Professor
Dept. of English
BBDNITM, Lucknow
UP, India
written by Kamalika Saha, May 09, 2011
I strongly oppose this kind of advertisement. India being a country of culture and various traditions cult up together at this stage you can't take up this kind of step which is a kind of humiliation for whole country. I truly condemn such an act.

With Regards
Kamalika Saha
Lecturer, Department of English
BBDNITM, Lucknow.
written by Rahul K Shukla, May 09, 2011
Being expressive is always welcomed in the postmodern society but doing it at the cost of religious and emotional sentiments of a large sect of existing society should never be encouraged. I welcome all the changes in the post modern world but insulting the religious values of Hindus by putting the picture of goddess Laxmi at a lingerie is seriously a matter of concern and it should be debated by the intellectual all around the world. It should be scorned by all the world communities because encouraging such events can cause a serious threat and damage to humanity and mankind.
written by dipak raja, May 09, 2011
Hindu hona gunah hai aur hindu aasthan ke sath khilwad karna sabse aasan.

Hinduon ki aatma aur josh dono mar gaya hai, jaisa chaho uski aastha ke sath nagai karo koi bat nahi

hum kuchh kah kar aur karke sampradayik kahlana nahi chahte. Mohammad sahab ka kartoon to hai nahi ki AALOK TOMAR jaise log tak jo jail ki hawa kila di gayee

Hinduon ke aastha ke sath karte raho khilwad
mujhe kuchh kah kar sampradayik ka dhabba naih lagwana.
written by qamar, May 08, 2011
devi ko tu waha se badboo aa rahi hogi
written by Dr. Wasif Raza, May 08, 2011
I strongly oppose and condemn such an act.
written by AHMAD NASEEM(NADEEM), May 08, 2011
I am agree to Dr Nihal Raza that such tyep of action are highly condamable me too strongly oppose this Australian Government must take notice.

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