राष्ट्रीय सहारा, इलाहाबाद के लोग सहज नहीं महसूस कर रहे?

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The newly established daily newspaper RSHTRIYA SAHARA in allahabad is suffering very poor condition. No stringer or trainee have so far found even a rupee since its very start on december last, even staffer taken from other big newspapers are being paid very little than already promised.

Some of them Mr Narendra Shrivastava and Mr. Pawan Dwivedi both came from daily hindustan allahabad, Mr. Abhishek pathak came from amar ujala allahabad are about to say bye to sahara bureau chief Mr. Mumtaj jee soon. They are very much harrassed in sahara and repent on there decision to join this. They all are in keen touch with amar ujala, dainik jagran and hindustan to get entry there but found negative response.

Though they do not want to disclose this. Just a week ago some senior officers of HR and account department visited allahabad office and tried to mitigate the discontentment of the reporters and photographers but failed.They were faced to hot talk.

एक पत्रकार द्वारा भेजे गए पत्र पर आधारित.