अभिषेक दुबे की किताब के लोकार्पण पर पहली को प्रेस क्लब पहुंचें

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: न्योता इस प्रकार है : Dear sir, My book The IPL Story- cricket, glamor and big money will be released in Press Club of India on 1st of feb. 2011 @ 4 in the evening. The release will be followed by panel discussion on what went wrong and our conduct as cricketing super power. Subramanyam Swamy, Joginder Singh, Sharda Ugra, Anirudh Chaudhary and former cricketers of repute has consented to grace the ocassion.

The IPL Story documents how one journalist, yours truly, tracked the controversy from the very beginning. The IPL extravaganza had transformed the world of cricket and captured the imaginations of cricket lovers like never before. Yet, after a mere three years, the innovation that had seemed to herald a new dawn in sport has degenerated into a series of accusations and counter-accusations, allegations of corruption, and never-ending controversies. What went wrong? And is it at all possible for the IPL to survive this debacle? Author uses interviews, the results of investigative research, intriguing background information on key players, and sneak peeks into the workings of sports journalism to provide an exciting account of one of cricket’s historic moments. Thoughtful quotes by stalwarts in journalism and the cricketing fraternity add insight and useful pointers towards the direction cricket, and the IPL in particular, is likely to take in the years to come."

The book published by leading publishing house of the world Pearson group costs rs. 199/- and has been fore worded by Rajdeep Sardesai. It contains quotes of Peter Roebuck, Majid Bhatti, Osman Samiuddin, Rahul Bhattacharya,Sharda Ugra,  Maninder Singh, Akash Choprha amongst others.   Requesting you to cover the event.

abhishek dubey
sports editor, IBN7
Network 18
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