'आमने-सामने' में अनुराधा प्रसाद के साथ इस बार परवेज मुशर्रफ

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: US must furnish evidences of Laden killing, Credibility of Pakistan touched the nadir,  Ready to return to Pakistan -Pervez Mushraff : New Delhi: Ex-President of Pakistan Parvez Mushraff demands evidences of Osama bin Laden death. America must furnish proofs of the  killing of a man whose hands were soaked with blood of those killed  in 9/11 gory terror attack.

In a free-wheeling interview with Ms. Anurradha Prasad, Editor-in-chief of News 24 for her weekly show 'Aamne-Samne', Parvez Mushraff said, “ I still could not fathom the reasons for US to conceal the  facts related to the killing of Laden in an action. It is high time  that they provide full-proof evidences to the world.”

The interview with Pervez Mushraff will aired at 8 pm on Saturday (May 21) and 10 pm on Sunday (May 22).

'But the Pakistan government is not asking for evidences...?'  The  former general said, “ It must ask for it. There is every reason to  demand from US to give solid evidences of what was happened that led  to the death of Laden.”

'Does he feel saddened that post US action to liquidate Laden,the  image and credibility of Pakistan has touched the nadir ?'  Looking  little weary,Mushraff was very candid enough to say , “ Yes, the  credibility of Pakistan has take a huge beating. It is time for  Pakistani leadership to handle the situation with all the honesty.  They must tell the world that they are fighting against Taliban.”

'Do you think that the brazen violation of Pakistan's sovereignty by  the US forces during their operation against Laden has given enough  credence to world that Pakistan is fast becoming the banana republic?' With little pause, Mushraff said, “ God willing,this is not true.  Nevertheless,it has badly dented the self-respect of  all the Pakistanis.”

'General saheb, do you think the image of Pakistan Army is also under cloud post US action in Abbottabad ?'  The man who loved to talk about his days as a soldier till recently was virtually fumbling for words to defend it. “ I really feel very bad that the Pakistan Army is facing barrage of criticism. I have spent good 40 years there. It is a very good army. But, it has to move on,” Mushraff has a piece of advice for it.

'Do you have any fears that once you would return to Pakistan, you would be welcomed there with series of serious charges ?' With little artificial smile on his face, Mushraff  reveals, “ I do not believe in fear. I am a fearless person. I know people of my country love me. My popularity graph is on the rise. I have ruled Pakistan for eight long years. And people of Pakistan know that there is sea difference of Pakistan of my days and after I quit as President.”

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