What is the status of HB Entertainment Pvt Ltd?

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There HR team visited at various institutes in punjab. At the time of campus slection at Rayat Bahara Group of Education, Hoshiarpur Pb. they had permises to pay salary Rs. 25000/- to 30000/- p/month to MBA students. They had collect Demand draft for Rs. 15000/- from each student against security to provide Laptop, Mobile Phone & call student at N. Delhi for trainning etc. after end of exams.

All  the student visited at N. Delhi on 16.05.11 to 18.05.11 at HB Entertainment P.Ltd. office situated at Peetampura. There HR confired to students that company had not commitment to provide you Laptop, Mobile Phone. Company will fixed you a monthly target for an advertisement after complition the target we will decide the salary. Students demand for refund of security money Rs. 15000/- . But they refused to refund the same. Students contact company's Mohali office on 15.06.2011.

There HR tell the students to give him an application for refund without mentioning amount for Rs. 15000/- . They will forward the same to H.O.  As per company's norms we will refund you an amount of Rs. 9000/- only after 45 days. But they have not ready to signed the duplicate copy of application as submited by students for refund. Please give me the status of above chanel & students what should be do.

Sunil K. Sharma
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