डीडी न्यूज के ठेके वाले कर्मी आज काली पट्टी बांधकर काम कर रहे

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: Protest letter and demand letter of DD News staff : To, Director General, Doordarshan News, Doordarshan Bhavan Tower B, Mandi House, New Delhi, Sub: Intimation of Black Badge Protest from 3rd August, Respected Sir,, This is to kindly intimate you that all of us, the contractual staff of DD News, will be wearing black badges from 3rd  of August at 10 am to put forth our resentment against  no salary hike for past three years.

We have repeatedly met you several times with our memorandum but with no assurance from our side, we are forced to take such a step. In times of high inflation, we can’t even sustain our families with our salaries remaining static for last three years.

Thanking you –


Chief Executive Officer
Prasar Bharti
New Delhi
Sub: Issues related to Contract professionals working in DD News.

Respected Sir,

The Indian economy has seen impressive growth in the last 7-8 years. The inclusive growth chart planned by the Government is seeing growth reach every corner and section of society. However the fact which needs immediate attention is the high inflation especially in food prices and consumables. This has become a cause of major concern especially among the lower and middle classes and can no longer be ignored.

Sir, DD News, like many other government organizations, provides employment to a large number of people who belong to smaller towns and cities. This workforce usually stays close to the work place but sends a significant portion of their salary home in order to maintain their dependents. The situation for them under the current economic situation has become precarious.

Under the above mentioned scenario, respected Sir, the contractual staff of DD News that includes (direct contract and hired through BECIL) would like to bring to your notice the fact that there has been no hike in salaries for over the past two years.

The starting salary for the DD News staff is close to ten thousand rupees and people are finding it hard to even make ends meet. The salaries are not even close to employees working in comparable PSUs or any other government department. In terms of expenditure on per employee most of the contractual employees working with DD News are getting paid less than a group D Government employee. To make the situation worse there are no provident fund, medical insurance or pension benefit for the contractual professionals.

The contractual staff, that has been working wholeheartedly for the organization would also like to highlight the fact that no pay hike has been implemented since January 2009. The contractual staff of DD News would like to humbly request your kind self to please consider the following request given below:

Immediate hike in salaries to sustain at least minimum living standards.

A uniform contract for all professionals working in DD News.

To change the status of professionals to make them contract employees of DD News.

Introduction and implementation of New Pay hike policy to ensure that future concerns of the employees are addressed.

PF and other social security benefits such as insurance, ESI etc should be given all contract professionals.

Terms and conditions of contract should be changed to provide at least a minimum level playing field for professionals.

At present only those professionals who have direct contract with Prasar Bharati, are getting medical leave. This should be extended to all professionals.
DD News professionals are not getting required leave. So along with 12 Casual Leaves and 3 National Holidays, t least 8 gazetted holidays and one Earn leave for each month (Total 12 Earn Leave ) should be given to all professionals.

At present no maternity and paternity leave is provided. This issue should be also included in the contract.

At present no definite rule for upgradation of designation is there. After two –three designations, there is no further rule in place. There should be a proper policy to address this issue.The DD News Professionals are looking towards you to address our concerns and would greatly appreciate your guidance and leadership in this hour of need.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
DD News Professionals

For Kind Consideration

1. Minister for Information and Broadcasting.   
2  Chairman, Prasar Bharti
3. Member Finance, Prasar Bharti
4. Member Personnel, Prasar Bharti
5. DG, Doordarshan,
6. DG, Doordarshan (News and current affairs)