Anna paved the way for my second innings as CM: B.C. Khanduri

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: I was hurt when I was removed as CM : Modi has done yeoman service for Gujarat : New Delhi : For getting another chance to serve Uttrakhand as Chief Minister, B.C.Khanduri gives full credit to Anna Hazare for generating unprecedented public opinion against the menace of corruption.

“It is a fact that due to the anti-graft movement of Anna, I was again considered for the top post of my state,”  he made this candid admission in a face to face with Ms.Anurradha Prasad for her weekly show ‘Amne-Samne’.

‘Does Anna factor played role in your returning to the top post of Uttrakhand?‘ The ex-Indian army officer turned politician B.C.Khanduri said, “ Yes, absolutely. It is due to Anna that the whole nation once again start believing that the monster of corruption can be crushed. There was no such feeling before the movement of Anna. And, if I got  another chance to be the Chief minister of the state, I can not deny the contribution of Anna factor.”

As this is not enough, Khanduri also discloses that in order to give more teeth to Lokayukat bill, he is in touch with the team Anna. He seems to be so impressed with Anna that he even skipped the fast of his counterpart of Gujarat Narendra Modi. “Well, I could not attend the fast of Modi as I had given appointment to members of team Anna. But one of the senior ministers of my cabinet attended the fast,” he defends himself.

‘Will you support the candidature of Modi for the post of Prime Minister?’ Without taking any pause, Khanduri said that while he is a small worker of the party, but there can not be any debate that he (Modi) has done yeoman service for the overall development of his state and he would like to follow him.

Like a very loyal soldier Khanduri was almost evasive when asked to react ‘As to why he was shunted from the post of CM and later once again given the reigns of his state.’ He only said such decisions are taken at the highest level in party. When party directed him to quit he did that and when the same high command asked him to once became the CM, he accepted the decision in a same spirit. When prodded further for his ouster even though he was doing a fine job, Khanduri said, “My first stint was not at all bad. I was doing good job. But after the results of Lok Sabha elections, party high command asked me to quit. Naturally, I felt bad at that stage.”

‘Mr. Khanduri, is it true that several MLAs of your party remained mortally afraid of you because you snub them on slightest pretexts?’ Demolishing the charge as politically motivated, he said that if that was case, 27 MLAs would not have been supporting him when he was asked to put in his papers.

‘Does he feel that his rivals in party like Ramesh Pokhriyal "Nishank and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari would allow him to work smoothly ?’ “I know one thing very clearly that I have to work for the interest of people of my state as well as party. If there would any issue from any quarter, the party high-command would take the call,’’ Khanduri concludes. The interview will be aired at 8 pm on Saturday (September 24) and 10 pm on Sunday (September 25) on News 24 channel. Press statement