Lemon is working smoothly...

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My name is Reba Ayaz i work for lemon as an EP... I have known RKB for i dont know many years... he is known for grooming people and giving them opportunity or a platform to perform... some make best use of it and march on rest use unparliamentary languages as seen in ur site. Yes the channel did had some crunch... but inspite of that i know RKB selling his car, watch and wat not to give money to his staff.

Diwali everybody was paid... Lemon is working smoothly. and we are trying to diversify. As your site bhadas means letting out ones frustration, hence u might not add this comment on ur site becoz its not bhadaz of mine.as being a responsible media person i wud request u to prevent any unparliamenatry lang on ur site...Imagine if we also start to air things abt bhadaz on our channel... it does not give a good feel.You will be recieving more mails from lemon staff in this regards. If i recollect ur site praised our effort to unveil financial frauds, save ganga compaign, reliance tariff issues... its u who had praised RKB SHOW.


reba ayaz

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