आजतक से हटाए गए भुप्पी ने खड़ी की अरुण पुरी की खाट

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: Letter to Mr.Purie.... I’m going… at least tell me why???? : Mr Arun Purie, Mr Sailesh, Mr. Naqvi, Mr. Puneet Jain and TV Today Network- will you please answer? : पुरी, नकवी, शैलेश समेत कइयों को पत्र भेजा : कई सवाल उठाकर और कई तथ्य रखकर जवाब देने की चुनौती दी : आजतक के पंजाब, हरियाणा और हिमाचल प्रदेश के ब्यूरो चीफ भूपेंद्र नारायण सिंह उर्फ भुप्पी ने खुद को चैनल से बर्खास्त किए जाने के बाद एक कड़ा पत्र प्रबंधन को भेजा है.

यह पत्र चैनल के मालिक अरुण पुरी, चैनल हेड कमर वहीद नकवी और नकवी के अधीन कार्यरत शैलेश को भेजा गया है. पत्र में भुप्पी ने अरुण पुरी को कई सवालों के जवाब देने की चुनौती दी है और साथ ही वे सारे तथ्य सामने रखे हैं जिसको पढ़ने देखने के बाद शक की सुई प्रबंधन की तरफ घूमने लगती है. हिमाचल प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री धूमल द्वारा भुप्पी से बातचीत की सीडी आजतक प्रबंधन को भेजे जाने के बाद अरुण पुरी ने जांच कराकर भुप्पी को बर्खास्त करने का फैसला ले लिया था. इस बाबत पिछले दिनों भड़ास4मीडिया पर खबर छपी थी, साथ ही धूमल द्वारा भुप्पी का स्टिंग किए जाने और भुप्पी द्वारा खुद को एक बड़ी खबर किए जाने से रोकेने के लिए धूमल द्वारा अनर्गल आरोप लगाने की खबरें भी प्रकाशित हुई थी.

भुप्पी ने इस पत्र के जरिए मान लिया है कि वे अब आजतक के हिस्से नहीं है. साथ ही उन्होंने आजतक के मैनेजमेंट को खुली चुनौती दे डाली है कि अगर उनमें हिम्मत है तो वे उनके द्वारा उठाए गए सवालों के जवाब दे. भुप्पी ने जो पत्र अरुण पुरी, नकवी और शैलेश को भेजा है, उसे हम जस का तस यहां प्रकाशित कर रहे हैं. साथ ही हम पाठकों से चाहेंगे कि वे इस पत्र के महत्वपूर्ण बिंदुओं का हिंदी में करके कमेंट में डाल दें ताकि सिर्फ हिंदी जानने वाले भड़ास4मीडिया के पाठकों को पत्र के कंटेंट को समझने-जानने में आसानी हो सके.


एडिटर, भड़ास4मीडिया

Letter to Mr.Purie.... I’m going… at least tell me why????

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date Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 3:41 PM

subject Letter to Mr.Purie

I’m going… at least tell me why????

Pursuing Journalism was a childhood dream- I was told I was made to be a journalist. I loved the thrill of following a hot lead, the excitement of digging deeper, the rationale of  balancing both sides of the coin and the satisfaction of laying down the facts before my audience.

I have always respected the tenets I was taught while completing my Masters in Mass Communication from the prestigious Punjab University, Chandigarh. I was taught that integrity, fairness, honesty and fair play are the basics of Journalism. These just reinforced the basic values on which I was raised. I was happy as what I was taught was just what I believed- could life become any better?

It could- I found when I joined the profession. From day 1, I was guided by the eternal tenets of journalism and my values and I found that I loved my profession even more than I had anticipated. From a trainee, I became a member of a respected organization and grew with it- in every way. They say that if you love your work- you never work- you just follow your passion. I followed my passion, but I worked really hard too. I threw myself into the pursuit of this profession which blends power and passion, sweat and tears, hard work and humility and justice and danger.

Yes! Long ago, I found out that the profession I had chosen was full of danger- moral, ethical and intellectual. In a world where money, muscle and influence rule, sticking to the right and narrow path is not without peril. So many times, I refused to buckle before political pressure, resisted the lure of position, overlooked the animosity of opponents who were exposed and avoided any camps and groups…

It was a dream come true to return to my alma mater (Punjab University) as a respected Journalist and Bureau Chief of the region for the premier television news channel. In this position, I showed tenacity of purpose, single minded devotion to my duty, fearlessness and professional competence of the highest degree. I do not claim this- this was communicated to me by the Head office at every opportunity and at the end of the countless successful stories and scintillating expose`s I accomplished. The promotion to Special Correspondent and salary raise I got late last year just reinforced this.

From getting the first whiff of the story- I knew it was a big one. An influential politicians  secret financial discrepancies, wrongful submissions to the election commission and shockingly disgraceful monetary irregularities had the power to upset the balance of power and topple his government. For a party which was crying ‘stop corruption’ from the rooftops, this deep rooted scandal involving one of it’s pillars could shake the whole superstructure. In a significant year, with the elections around the corner, the story was a explosive one- a real shocker which could send shockwaves across the Indian political spectrum.

I was excited and geared up to meet the challenge. Personal threats I ignored, my family’s safety concerns I ignored, monetary lure I ignored and was on the brink of disclosure. This was when the ground beneath my feet started shaking. The support and confidence of my organization, for which I was staking everything started sending out cold vibes. Caught between the devil and the deep sea, I found that my very boat was flimsy. The organization failed to stand up to meet the gathering storm. A story of this magnitude needed strong hearts and great resilience as all sorts of pressures were being applied.

After ignoring all threats, when it came to a slur on my integrity, I could not ignore it. The infuential politician who stood to lose everything by my disclosure used all he had to shut my mouth.  He got make a CD with phonies posing as landowners and alleged that I was a land grabber. Me a landgrabber – what?? I was dumbstruck- where did this come from?.

There was another CD of a taped conversation which had been edited to make everything sound totally out of context. This conversation had been taped by a someone in the government while I was speaking to a trusted colleague. The CD was then sent to Mr. Aroon Puri.

I was called to explain before the Head office. When I pointed out that the first CD had people with fake beards making totally absurd and unsubstantiated claims, the investigative committee agreed. When I pointed out that the taped CD was edited and tampered with, they agreed. The investigative committee travelled to his capital and failed to uncover any thing at all against me.  I was asked to resume my duties.

This was when pressure was stepped up from the powerful politician who pulled in the highest gun power in his arsenal and aimed at the very top of my organization. A couple of calls later, I received the crucial call- asking for my resignation.

I will resign as I also feel helpless in an organization which throws it’s members out the door as soon as the heat from outside becomes too hot. However, there are a few answers I need to know:

1. Why am I being asked to resign? For getting a big story? Or  for not buckling down under pressure?

2.What are the grounds for my eviction? Am I entitled to know why I am being ejected?

3.An impeccable reputation built over 13 years has totally demolished? Why and on what evidence or even what case?

4.How did critical information leak out of closed door meetings and get published on a forum?

5.One of the top heads of Aaj Tak got a piece of land in Himachal where outsiders are not allowed to own land. Why has action not been taken against him who was also one of the members of the committee ?

6. How was my departure common knowledge even before I was informed of it?

7.Why is a senior member of the organization who was implicated in a negative light being protected?

8. It is painfully obvious that I am being made the scapegoat. Is there no justice in this world?

9. My dreams lie shattered, my confidence broken and my career ruined? Does anybody care even when all know that I am innocent.

Mr Arun Purie, Mr Sailesh, Mr. Naqvi, Mr. Puneet Jain and TV Today Network- will you please answer?

I am sill in Delhi to meet you Sir.

Kuwar  Bhupendra Narayan Singh

Chief of Bureau Punjab, Haryana and Himachal,

Employee ID - TO1677

इस प्रकरण से संबंधित अन्य खबरों को पढ़ने के लिए नीचे कमेंट बाक्स के ठीक बाद आ रहे शीर्षकों पर क्लिक कर सकते हैं.

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written by kamal, February 23, 2011
भूपिंदर जी आपके साथ जो भी हुआ बहुत बुरा हुआ ! दर असल सच्चाई भी यही है की न्यूज़ चेनल्स में ऊँचे पदों पर बैठे कुछ लोग मात्र अपने निजी स्वार्थ के लिए कठिन परिश्रम और इमानदारी से काम करने वाले लोगो को अक्सर बाहर का रास्ता दिखा देते है क्यूंकि आप जैसे लोगो के चेनेल में रहते उन लोगो को अपने जेब गरम करने का मौका नहीं मिलता , क्यूंकि वेह जानते हैं की आप उनका कहा मानोगे नहीं और वो अपने नापाक इरादे में कामयाब नहीं हो पाएंगे ! मुझे याद है वो दिन जब हरियाणा में बाड़ के दिनों आप सुबहे तडके ही यमुनानगर में चैनल के लिए कवरेज करने आये थे खाली पेट मात्र एक चाये के प्याले के सहारे वहीँ बाजार के एक साइबर केफे से खबर भेजने में लगे थे की पहले आज तक पर खबर चली जाये ताकि चेनेल को टी आर पी मिल सके ! लेकिन चेनेल में ऊपर बैठे ये लोग क्या जाने की कितनी कड़ी मेहनत ,लगन और कर्तव्य निष्ठा से काम करता है एक पत्रकार ! और अक्सर अपने निजी कामो , रिश्तेदारों , घर परिवार को दर किनार कर एक अच्छा पत्रकार उस संस्थान के लिए काम करता है जिसके दम पर वेह बड़े से बड़े तूफ़ान से भी कई बार लड़ जाता है लेकिन अगर संस्थान में बैठे हे ही बड़े बाबु भेड़िए बन जाये तो कोई क्या करे ! ............काम करने वालो के लिए काम की कोई कमी नहीं होती .............. हमारी शुभकामनाये आपके साथ है रही बात आज तक प्रभंधन की तो सभी पत्रकारों से गुजारिश करूँगा की वेह आज तक प्रभंधन को " गेट वेल सून बोलें "

written by Neeraj Kumar Singh, February 16, 2011
आजतक लोगो की नजर में एक अच्छी संस्था है I लेकिन आज ये संस्था कटघरे में आ कर खड़ी हो गयी क्योकि इसने अपने एक सम्मानित और ईमानदार सिपाही के उपर ऊँगली उठाई है वो राजनितिक दबाव में आ कर I सारे तथ्यों को अगर देखा जाये तो ये बात साफ साफ नजर आती है की मेरे भाई भूपेंद्र सिंह को जानबूझ कर, किसी के दबाव में आ कर आजतक ने ये फैसला लिया I यह मीडिया जगत भी कही न कही राजनेताओ से प्रभावित होती है I आजकल ईमानदार लोगों को मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ता है I जैसे आज भूपी भैया को करना पड़ रहा है I हमें ये विश्वाश है की आज भी लोगो में ईमानदारी और मानवता है और वो अच्छे व्यक्ति का साथ अवश्य देंगे I

बड़े भाई कठिन परिस्थितियों में धैर्य से काम लेते है .....हम सभी लोग आप के साथ है!!!!
written by patrakar, February 14, 2011
kya ho raha hai aaj tak? sailesh ji ko main janta hu..naqwi sahab adial hai....lekin aroon ji ko janta nahi hu...insaaf ki ummeed unse kar sakta hu
written by rajesh kumar, February 12, 2011
it is sad to to hear the news about bhupinder. i wonder what moral right do persons like naqvi and shailesh have to sack bhupi on moral grounds. it is alleged that naqvi has links with some dubious elements of muslim world and once he even wanted to start a channel with their help. about shailesh it is alleged that he works for mulayam singh yadav and he is also allegedely on his payroll. before sacking bhupi, aroon purie should have checked the allegations against naqvi and shailesh. it is better late then never. aroon purie still has time to investigate into allegations against them.

besides this, aroon purie should also find out how capable managers naqvi and shailesh are. merely by shouting, howling and accusing subordinates, they dom't become capable managers. to find out how arrogant naqvi and shailesh have become, purie should call general staff of aaj tak to his cabin. naqvi and shailesh keep threatening their subordinates with dire consequences even for their minor mistakes.

they have sacked countless stringers because of their mercurial temprament. it is sad to see that a person like rahul chaudhary is a confidant of naqvi who does not have even one report or a script to his credit. will aroon puries inquire into how rahul chaudhary rose to such a senior position even without a proper qualification?

it is generally accepted fact that aaj tak's editorial standard has declined over the years.....internally it is also accepted that this sadak chhap channel has sadak chhap managment that neigher cares for the wellbeing of its employees and nor for the general working atmosphere.

dear arron purie if you really want to know more about your organisation, please talk to general staff, get out of you comfor zone to face some uncomfortable truths about the credentials of your senior managers and their capabilities.
written by Ajay Shukla, February 11, 2011
भुप्पी आप समझदार हैं फिर ईमानदारी कि गलती क्यों की. अरुण पूरी हो या कोई और जो मीडिया के शीर्ष पदों पर बैठा ही उसका जमीर तो बड़ों के तलवे मे होता है. कोई सीएम किसको कैसे खरीदता है ये किसी से छिपा नहीं है. अब पुलिस के नहीं चोरो के हाथ लम्बे होते है. बहराल हम आप के साथ हैं...
written by M K Tayal, February 11, 2011
It is awful seeing the degeneration of the media, specially the so-termed mainstream…. Journalism has become a saleable commodity and like any other product we too are up for a price. And what a price!
This has been happening in media – so we should not be surprised or just blame one group – It’s a whole circle. The scary part is – the circle is getting bigger and bigger. Each serving scribe should know that it is a part of the deal. It is the choice one makes.
The need of the hour is to unite and stand up. Let us form a group on facebook and carry such stories to the people.
written by Manu Singh, February 11, 2011
शौकिंग और शर्म दोनु शब्द कम हैं.....आज तक जैसे संस्थान ने उसके अपने कर्मचारी के साथ ऐसा किया ?...यकीनन खतरनाक हैं......जिन लोगों ने ऐसा किया वे किसी न किसी दवाब में ऐसा किया है.....और चंद रुइपिये और ज़मीन के टुकड़े के खातिर अपना ज़मीर बेचने में नहीं हिच- किचाते...ये सब उसी ज़मात के हैं....जब यह ब्यूरो चीफ के साथ ऐसा कर सकते हैं ...आम कर्मचारी को कहा पूछते? और धूमल वाली सीडी क्या चली? या फिर आज तक ने भुप्पी जी को मन कर दिया था..........यह जानने वाला तथ्य है...!
written by braj, February 11, 2011

U have already won the battle Bhuppi...

Dukh hota hai, yeh dekhkar aur padhkar ki bhupi ke sath aisa sulook hua. Bhupi ko 10 saal se janta hoon. woh badbola hai, pilot ki training li hai, badi- badi.... oonchi- oonchi hankta hai..Aksar rajpoots badbole hote hain.Koi nayee baat nahi...main achhi tarah se janta hoon lekin jhoothe, makkar nahi hote.
Bhupi Mukhtar ansari, Amar singh, Mulayam singh, Amitabh bachhan, chautala, hooda PMO sabko janta hai.Baton baton mein sabka zikra lata rehta tha, main khoob hansta,uski baton ko sunkar. kya iski itani badi saza milni chahiye?
Media ke andar kitni morality shesh rehi hai..yeh hum media ke logon se zyada ab aam janta janti hai...
mujhe lagta hai, khuddar patrkar aur khuddar log bahut kam bache rehenge hamare system mein. jo boss ka chamcha banega, apni chamchon ki fauz khada karega woh survive karega.
TV aur print ke patrkaro, bade corporate houses se insaaf ki ummid karna bemani hai..
Bhupi, tumhare paas harne ke liye kuch nahi hai....samne jeet hi jeet hai.Dunia ko sachhayee zaroor bata do, aise mat jana..

Tumhare liye Faiz Ahmed faiz ka sher nazar hai...

Jis dhaj se koii maqtal mein gayaa vo shaan salaamat rahati hai

ye jaan to aanii jaanii hai is jaan kii to koii baat nahiin

(yeh naukri to aani jani hai...par shaan salamat rehe)

satyamev jayte..!! Let truth shall prevail..let truth be the ultimate winner.


written by RAVI, February 10, 2011
aaj tak mai sab ek sai bade ek chor hai khass tor par RANA YASWANT our log y aaps mai lad rahe hai sab k sab apni job baca rahe hai y log journalism k naam par dalaali kar rahe hai,our apni sai kam umer ki ladki sai payaar mai pagal rehte hai
written by sunil saini, February 10, 2011
Aarop gambhir hain. AAj Tak ki chhavi kharab hui hai. Bhupendra ke saath naainsafi hui hai.......
written by rajnish, February 10, 2011
Very sad.... after Neera radia tapes.... media is under a scanner..... aaj tak has to show that justice is not only done..... but seen to be done.... to sack some journalist without reason is not justice.....
written by SUBHAS, February 10, 2011
मामले की पूरी जांच होनी चाहिए, क्या भूपेंद्र को बलि का बकरा बनाया गया है ?-जागरुक पत्रकार
written by sachin sharma, February 10, 2011
me journlist banne chahte tha laken yeh khbhar padhne ke bad ke aek honest journlist ke sath kya kya hota ha aur usko apne imandari ke kimat kaise chukane padti ha yeh dekhkar bada afsos hota ha is se ana wala new journlisto ko kya sabhak milega desh ka no 1 channel khlana wala aaj tak baimani ke dal dal me dhasa hua sabhit hota ha jo apne ek imandar journlist ko hatna ke liya kya kya hath kande apnate ha agar ajj tak ko apne galte mahsos ho gayi ha to apne journlist ka istifa manjoor nahi krna chahiasmilies/angry.gif
written by Ramkumar, February 10, 2011
जो भी आजतक के चंडीगढ ब्यूरो चीफ़ भूपेंन्द्र के साथ हुआ बेहद दुख़द नज़र आता है और उनके उठाए गए सवाल भी वाजिब लगते हैं. लेकिन भूपेन्द्र जी की एक बात हमारी समझ से बाहर है कि जो ख़बर धूमल के ख़िलाफ़ उनके हाथ लगी थी, क्या उनके चैनल ने उसे दिखाये जाने से मना कर दिया था, अगर एसा है तो निश्चित ही आजतक ने उनके साथ नाइंसाफ़ी की है. एसे मे अगर आजतक ने वो ख़बर नही दिखाई तो भड़ास से बेहतर फोरम भला कौन सा हो सकता है, भूपेन्द्र जी कर दिजिए वो ख़ुलासा जिससे धूमल के पैरों के नीचे की ज़मीन निकल जाए. भड़ास पर आप अपनी बेगुनाही साबित कर सकते हैं. नही तो भूपेंद्र जी आपने ख़ुद कई नेताओं की बैंड बजाई होगी और जिस तरह आपने अपने बचपन से अब तक की कहानी और उसूलों की बात की हर नेता पकड़े जाने पर यही कहता रहा है कि वो निर्दोष है और वो जनता की सेवा के लिए राजनीति मे है. वो ये भी कहता है कि सीडी से छेड़छाड़ की गई है........कुल मिलाकर आपको ये साबित करना होगा की आपके साथ नाइंसाफ़ी हुई है. वो तभी हो सकता है जब आप वो ख़ुलासा करें जिसका दावा आप कर रहे हैं.
written by Rupesh, February 10, 2011
After dismissing Bhupi, Aroon Purie and the bigwigs in Aaj Tak will grab benefits from Dhumal govt, there is not an iota of doubt. India Today group was never for fearless journalism - for that matter not a single mainline media group in India does fearless journalism. And you must have watched how India Today group has changed tack after inducting M J Akbar. It is trying to project as if the Congress is going to lose power in the next elections, and BJP is going to come back. Look at their fake poll surveys. India Today group, after Times and HT groups, is the third biggest dalaal in Indian media.
written by raminder pal singh, February 10, 2011
itni badi orgenisation itne hard work insaan ke sath theek nahi kar rahi

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