बजट के दिन सीएनबीसी आवाज ने सबको पछाड़ा

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: इनटरनल मेल जारी कर सभी कर्मियों को बधाई दी गई : हिंदी बिजनेस न्यूज चैनल सीएनबीसी आवाज ने बजट के दिन टीआरपी में सभी हिंदी न्यूज चैनलों को पीछे छोड़ दिया. इस सफलता से उत्साहित प्रबंधन ने सभी कर्मियों को एक मेल भेज कर बधाई दी है. मेल इस प्रकार है- Dear Friends, Hearty Congratulations and a big thank you to each one of you for delivering an unprecedented performance on CNBC-Awaaz!

I was waiting with bated breath, anxious and somewhat confident that we will repeat the performance. But even I was not sure 100% that we will break our own record. The biggest achievement is to supersede all Hindi general news channels that operate in bigger universe. Here is the attachment, relish these numbers!!

We could do this because you all- the technical teams- camerapersons, PCR, Studio, Graphics, IT, Logistics, producers, editors, fleet, and then news desk, reporters, assignment, producers, anchors, researchers, guest coordinators-all of you took special care and made extra efforts on CNBC-Awaaz. Writing such mails is always difficult - kiska naam likhen aur kisi ka naam rah na jaye, so apologies if I cant mention each and every name here but I must mention that-

Radha, Amrit, Mr.Katyal, Anand, Anirban, Rahul, Yugant, Pradeep, Mrityunjoy, Niharika, Lalit, Desai ji, Bosco, Onasis, Bhaskar- you all and others worked very hard and a big thank you to all!!

Similarly, the editorial team led by Saurabh delivered a great feat!! Anil ji, Harshada, Hemant and Aparna (and all her girls) and Shishir in Delhi in getting all big guests, Shweta in managing Phoenix tamasha, Vishal and Sameer in taking all the last minute stress for graphics, Aakash and Bhumika for silently ensuring a smooth operations all through, the ticker and flash teams, who were our real heroes and backbone of this success!!

And last but not the least- Dharmendra ji, Alok, Samar and Neeraj in handling all kind of good and bad situations quietly- you all excelled and Arun and Amarendra showing great promise in their new leadership roles. Now, all my loved ones like Dheeraj and Priyanka and new anchors should excuse me for not being able to mention your names!!

At the end, I only want to say one thing- the new journey has just begun and in 2011, we shall resolve to deliver the performance- which is  unthinkable, which can not be predicted based on past trends, which can not be anticipated or captured by incremental thinking. Let’s promise ourselves more fulfillment and happiness at work.