आईजेयू के अध्‍यक्ष सुरेश अखौरी को कारण बताओ नोटिस

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: संगठन के महासचिव के श्रीनिवास रेड्डी ने दिया नोटिस : To, Mr. Suresh Akhouri, President, Indian Journalists Union, New Delhi. The National Executive of the Indian Journalists Union which met at 5-6 March 2011 in New Delhi took serious view of your disruptive activities which brought disrepute the fair name of the Indian Journalists Union. It also noted that your actions showed your determination to cling to the post of President of the Indian Journalists Union in perpetuity. To achieve that end, you have been acting with an ulterior motive and in violation of the provisions of the Union Constitution and trying to disrupt the unity of the Union.

The NEC directed me to take appropriate action against you and I am therefore, serving this show cause notice to seek your explanations on the following activities of you and take suitable action against you to protect the fair name of the Union.

1. You did not co-operate to send the amendments to the Union Constitution restricting the election of Principal Officer-bearers, the President and Secretary-General to two consecutive terms carried out in the Plenary Session at Sirsa, Haryana on 9-11 February 2007 for the approval of the Register of Trade Unions as required under the provisions of the Indian Trade Unions Act. When questioned at the National Executive Committee meetings, you first said that you have sent them to the Registrar and his approval was awaited. Later you said the papers containing the Constitution Amendment Proposals were misplaced. Now it is evident that you did not send the Proposals for Amendment of the Constitution passed by the Sirsa Plenary Session to the Registrar as you were nursing ambitions to continue as the President of the Union in perpetuity as the proposals contain provisions for restricting the election of a person to two consecutive terms.

2. At the National Executive Committee meeting at Palakkad held in August 2009, the majority of members demanded that Election Schedule for the election of President, Secretary-General and National Council Members as the two year term and the grace period of six months lapsed. You allowed the drawing up of the schedule but scuttled the appointment of the Central Returning Officer (CRO) and promised that a NEC meeting would be convened in two months at Delhi where the CRO would be appointed. But you did not carry out the promise deliberately.

3. You scuttled the efforts to convene the NEC in two months at New Delhi. After lapse of six months you allowed NEC to be convened in March 2010 at Haridwar. At the meeting you insisted that the Election Schedule should be drawn up with the process to start from August 2010, a clear five months from the date of drawing up of the   schedule, which needed only 55 days.

4. You started publicly threatening the State Unions that if they did not support your candidature for the post of President for another term, you would disaffiliate them and not allow them to participate in the Election.

5. You asked the IJU Vice-President and President of the Tamilnadu Journalists Union (TUJ), Com. Ravindra Doss to convene a meeting of important leaders and NEC members to evolve consensus on the candidates for the posts of President and Secretary-General in the last  week of June as the nomination process starts in the last week of July. All these years i.e. since inception we were going by consensus and unanimous elections. After realizing that the consensus is going to be against your continuation, you asked him to postpone the meeting. He again fixed it on 4th July 2011. Again you asked him to postpone the meeting until a consensus favourable to you is evolved. When he refused, you along with your followers boycotted the meeting.

6. At that meeting a consensus was evolved disfavoring your continuation as the President for the sixth term. When Com. Ravindra Doss informed you of the consensus, you went into a rage and abused him and accused him of all sorts of things. You told him that you will not allow the election to take place if you are not assured of re-election.

7. You started sending SMS messages threatening disaffiliation of some state unions and expulsion of some others.

8. You gave a SMS disqualifying Mr. Stalin of TUJ from the membership of the NEC accusing him of absenting himself from three consecutive meetings of the NEC. The allegation was false. He came to Bodh Gaya along with his daughter and fell sick there itself. Knowing this fact, you deliberately hide this fact. After Bodh Gaya, he attended Haridwar meeting of the NEC.

9. Disgusted at your behavior, several senior leaders and majority of the NEC members representing 75 percent of valid voters met informally in Hyderabad on 3rd August 2011 and evolved a consensus on the candidates for the posts of President and Secretary-General.

10. Before the Hyderabad meeting, you had confabulations in Chandigarh and Delhi for your continuation as President for the 6th consecutive term.  Knowing very well that you had bleak chances of getting re-elected, you went to Ahmedabad a day before the Hyderabad meeting and pressurized the Central Returning Officer to postpone the elections even though you were well aware that CRO had no such authority. Both of you caused irreparable damaged to the image of the IJU by postponing the election process.

11. You are well aware that the reasons you invented for postponement of election process were untenable. That was why you or the CRO never sent the complaints on the basis of which postpone was done, neither before nor after the postponement, to the Secretary-General. Neither you nor the CRO replied to the letters written by the Secretary-General in this regard.. This clearly showed the collusion between you and the CRO.

12. Taking cognizance of your illegal actions, a majority of the members of the NEC gave a notice to the Secretary-General requisitioning a meeting of the NEC to discuss your actions. But you did not respond to the requisition.

13. Having realized that you did not have majority in the NEC and to achieve your goal of 6th term, with an ulterior motive you called a meeting of all Presidents and General Secretaries of State Unions in the name of Wage Board presentation without any discussion with the Secretary-General,   under the guise of submitting final arguments to the Wage Board spending about a lakh of rupees of IJU money to hatch a conspiracy against holding democratic elections.

14. You manufactured a consensus in your favour for the post of President, even though state unions representing an over whelming majority of the members of the IJU were not part of it and continue to confuse people that you have majority of state unions with you.

15. Having realized that even the manufactured consensus would not suffice to get elected as President as a contest seemed inevitable, you again stepped up your efforts to realize your personal agenda without bothering about the organizational interests.

16. At the meeting you had with the Secretary-General in presence of    a well wisher in Delhi, it was agreed to bury the hatchet. You agreed to treat all the actions you have taken through SMSs against individuals and state unions as null and void. You agreed that the three of us should meet again within one month and call for a meeting of the NEC without Presidents and General Secretaries of State Union within one month. You violated this agreement with contempt and dilly-dallied the convening of the meeting of the NEC.

17. After a lot of efforts by the Secretary-General and the intervention of the well wisher, at last you agreed to hold the meeting of the NEC in December 2010. Afterwards, negating your own proposal, you asked the Secretary-General to invite the Presidents and General Secretaries of the State Unions. When the Secretary-General strongly resisted the violation of the agreement, you relented. But when the meeting took place at New Delhi on 15th December 2010, you invited some of the Presidents and General Secretaries and enacted a drama.

18. When it was objected by the Secretary General in NEC you did not allow the meeting to take place. After the intervention of well wisher, who came to the meeting as a Special Invitee, then only you came down. Later the meeting authorized the President, Secretary-General and the well wisher, three together would arrive at a decision on the Election Schedule within one month, on or before 15th January 2011. But the efforts went in vain due to your persistent non-cooperation.

19. It was also agreed at the meeting that the President and Secretary-General would discuss and finalize the panel of names for the 11th Re-constitution of the Press Council of India for submission.  You did not respond to the calls, SMS and letters of the Secretary-General to discuss and finalize the panel of names for the PCI. Your ulterior motive behind this was exposed when you unilaterally decided to submitted a panel of names to the PCI which included your own name. As he was left with no alternative, the Secretary-General submitted official panel of names of IJU to the PCI on the last day. You submitted the minutes of the Haridwar meeting after including a purported decision authorizing you to submit panel of names to the PCI, which was false. A casual perusal of the copy of the minutes you submitted exposed your forgery. With your action of forgery, you tarnished the image of the IJU and it attracts criminal action.

20. You approached Press Association, Working News Cameramen Association, National Union of Journalists (India) and Indian Federation of Working Journalists to seek support for your panel of names. When you failed to get their support, you were utterly disappointed and started a venomous tirade against the Secretary General, whose panel was supported by majority unions.

21. You attended a meeting called by the PCI and accused the Chairman of the PCI, who is well respected retired Judge of the Supreme Court that he was partisan. You declared that if your panel was not accepted, the IJU would split and you went berserk and reverted back to the old game of sending SMSs to all taking action and disaffiliating State Unions.

22. You suspended the Secretary-General and later appointed another person to the post even though you have no such powers. It shows the height of your arrogance and frustration and scant respect to the Constitution of the IJU.

23. You have mounted venomous campaign against the Secretary-General that he has joined hands with our arch rival NUJ (I). But first of all tell us who has supported the inclusion of NUJ (I) in the Confederation? Why did IJU joined International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) when the NUJ (I) was also affiliated to it? Is it not a fact that you approached the President and Secretary-General of IFWJ   for support to your panel in the PCI? Why do you want to hide the fact that you telephoned several leaders of the NUJ (I) at the dead of the night and begged them to support you?  It is an open talk in the journalistic circles in New Delhi.

24. It sent shock waves among the leaders and members of the IJU when they came to know the sordid saga of your actions when you went to the rescue of IFWJ leader who submitted false travel bill claims to the Wage Board. What made you to come to the rescue of a disrepute person? Your action in this episode made all of us hang our heads in shame.

25. You held an unauthorized meeting at Chandigarh on 5th March parallel to NEC in Delhi on March 5-6th 2011and announced the disaffiliation of the APUWJ and TUJ from the IJU. You also claimed that your action of suspension of Secretary-General was ratified. This shows your naked huger for power. The meeting itself is an illegal.

26. You have taken all these subversive steps to realize your single point agenda i.e. ambition of continuing in the post of President of IJU in perpetuity ignoring the interests of the organization and welfare of the working journalists.

27. When the Secretary-General requested you to advance or postpone the date submission of final arguments to the Wage Board as it clashed with the date of PCI meeting where the report on Paid News was to be finalized, you agree but you went back on your word and fixed the same date with the ulterior motive of blaming the Secretary-General for his absence at the hearing? However, the Secretary –General attended the Wage Board hearing for some time.

28. You told the Secretary-General that he would send the final draft of the IJU to be submitted to the Wage Board in advance. But what prompted you not to give it to him until it was submitted to the Wage Board.

29. How much money did we spend to represent our case to the Justice Manisana Singh Wage Board in whose report our Union got appreciation from the Chairman and others? In the Manisana Wage Board our Union did not have representation? How much money did we spend to represent our case to Majithia Wage Board where our Union was represented by you and how much accolades we got in the report?  It speaks volumes on our competence and capacity! After spending lakhs of rupees what did we find in the Majithia Wage Board report? Except your name, there was no reference of IJU in the voluminous report. There were references even to the NUJ (I) and IFWJ. Who else is responsible but you?

30. Since inception of IJU, Secretary-General never signed a single voucher. You along with the Treasurer drew money from the Bank and spent it. You or the Treasurer failed to submit reports on income and expenditure of the Union to the National Executive Committee meeting from time to time.

31. Some State Unions alleged that you along with the Treasurer fudged the accounts of the Union and complained to the Secretary-General. When the Secretary-General referred those complaints to you and the Treasurer for your comments, you did not reply as no you have explanation to offer to rebut the allegations. Some of the cash payments made by some state unions were neither deposited in the Bank nor were official receipts issued.

32. The IJU nominated you to the Wage Board for working journalists in the belief that you would present their case and protect interests of the journalists with competence. But after the report was submitted to the Government, your incompetence was exposed as neither IJU name nor its arguments find a mention to in the Report.

33. You alleged that as there were not any funds in the Union, you could not engage a lawyer to effectively present the case of the Union. But persons close to you divulged that you withdrew a total of Rs. 2,10, 000/- from the Bank Account of the Union in only three installments, first time Rs. 1,00, 000/, second time Rs. 50, 000/- and third time Rs. 60, 000/- through a “self” Cheque after obtaining the second signature of the Treasurer, who is your collaborator.  You never submitted Accounts to these amounts to the National Executive leading to the suspicion that you defrauded the Union by unauthorizedly withdrawing huge sums from the Union accounts and your utter failure in the Wage Board caused heavy loss to the working journalists as a whole.

34. You accused the Secretary-General that he sent Com. Sabina Inderjeet to Cadze (Spain) for IFJ Congress instead of com. Ravindra Doss. What is the reality? The IFJ requested the IJU to nominate its delegate to the Congress by 15 April 2010.  Is it not a fact that you sent Com. Ravindra Doss name to the IFJ on 14 May, a month after you received the invitation?  Because of your delayed action, Com Ravindra Doss could not get visa and other papers in time and could not attend the Congress. After the beginning of the Congress, on the second day i.e.  26th May, Com. Sabina, who went there as outgoing Member of the IFJ Executive, sent urgent and frantic messages to the President and Secretary-General that there was no delegate from the IJU at the Congress. You ignored her messages and as a matter of fact you sent a message to the IFJ for the grand success of the Congress and intimated them that Com Ravindra Doss was not coming. Then only the  Secretary-General had to send intimation to the IFJ that Com. Sabina would be our delegate; otherwise the IJU would have gone unrepresented. Knowing all these facts, you spread falsehoods that I scuttled the chances of Com. Ravindra Doss and promoted Com. Sabina.  Everybody knows that you spread this falsehood to placate him and Com Ravindra Doss also understood your machinations.

You have taken all the above actions to meet your selfish ends and against the norms, constitution of the union, leaving aside the moral, ethical and professional standards. It was evident that you failed to represent the hopes and aspirations of the working journalists in the wage board. On the top of it now you have resorted to disrupt the unity of the union and working journalists movement in the country with the sole intention to realize your personal ambitions.

Hence, I hereby give show cause notice seeking your explanation why action should not be taken against you for your above mentioned actions. Submit your explanation to the undersigned within a week from the date of this notice. If no reply is received within the stipulated period, it would be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and appropriate action will be taken against you to protect the reputation of the IJU and unity of the working journalists movement in the country.

(K Sreenivas Reddy)