इंडियन वोमेंस प्रेस कार्प के फाइनल नतीजे ये हैं..

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: IWPC Election Results  : RETURNING OFFICER’S REPORT : After the expiry of the deadline for filing nominations for the elections to the Managing Committee of the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) for the year 2011-12 on April 25, 2011, the nominations were scrutinised by me  the same evening.

Two  nominations were filed for the post of President, five for the posts of two Vice-Presidents, three each for the posts of General Secretary and Joint Secretary, and four  for the post of Treasurer (the IWPC’s Rules and Regulations allow one President, two Vice-Presidents, one General Secretary, one Joint Secretary and one Treasurer), while 35 nominations were filed for the Executive Committee (which can have a maximum of 21 members). One nomination paper was found to be invalid.

After the expiry of the deadline for the withdrawal of nominations on April 27, 2011 it was found on scrutiny the same evening that two nominations for the posts of Vice-Presidents, two nominations for the post of  General Secretary, two nominations for the post of Joint Secretary and two  nominations for the post of Treasurer  were withdrawn, while ten members withdrew their nominations for the Executive Committee.

Thus the General Secretary and Joint Secretary for the year 2011-12 have been elected unopposed. They are:

General Secretary: Ms Ritambhara Shastri

Joint Secretary: Ms Ravinder Bawa

The elections to the posts of President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and the 21-member Executive Committee took place on April 30 2011. There were two contestants to the post of President, three for the posts of two Vice-Presidents, two for the post of Treasurer and 25 for the 21-member Executive. As many as 192 members exercised their franchise. Two ballot papers were found to be invalid for the elections to the Executive. The final figures after the counting of ballots are as follows:

President:  Ms Saroj Nagi (147 votes), Ms Ira Jha ( 43 votes)

Vice- Presidents: Ms Neelam Jeena (119 votes), Ms Annu Anand (106 votes), Ms Sucharita Mohanty (90 votes)

Treasurer: Ms Annapurna Jha (121 votes), Ms Poonam Dabas (62 votes)

Executive Committee: Ms Neeerja Chowdhury (157 votes), Ms TK Rajalakshmi (146 votes), Ms Sushma Ramachandran  (142 votes), Ms Coomi Kapoor (138 votes),  Ms Kalyani Shankar (136 votes), Ms Geetashree (133 votes), Ms Parul Sharma (131votes), Ms Manjari Chaturvedi (128 votes), Ms Aasha Khosa (127 votes), Ms Ritu Sarin (127 votes), Ms Shubha Singh (119 votes), Ms Sonal Kellogg (118 votes), Ms Navika Kumar (116 votes), Ms Shanta Serbjeet Singh (112 votes), Ms Shobhna Jain (103 votes), Ms Smita Mishra (101 votes), Ms Aruna Singh (98 votes), Ms Mauha Venkatesh (90 votes), Ms Anju Grover (89 votes), Ms Vimal Issar (87 votes), Ms Madhavi Gupta (83 votes), Ms Usha Pahwa (75 votes), Ms Ranjeni A Singh (63 votes), Ms Rajni Nagpal (60 votes) and Ms Suman Kansra (60 votes).

Thus Ms Saroj Nagi has been elected the President, Ms Neelam Jeena and Ms Annu Anand Vice-Presidents, Ms Annapurna Jha the Treasurer for the year 2011-12. Since the Executive Committee of the IWPC can have a maximum of 21 members as per the Rules of the organisation, the following members have been elected to the Executive for 2011-12:

Ms Neeerja Chowdhury, Ms TK Rajalakshmi, Ms Sushma Ramachandran, Ms Coomi Kapoor, Ms Kalyani Shankar, Ms Geetashre, Ms Parul Sharma, Ms Manjari Chaturvedi, Ms Aasha Khosa, Ms Ritu Sarin, Ms Shubha Singh, Ms Sonal Kellogg, Ms Navika Kumar, Ms Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Ms Shobhna Jain, Ms Smita Mishra, Ms Aruna Singh, Ms Mauha Venkatesh, Ms Anju Grover, Ms Vimal Issar, Ms Madhavi Gupta.

(Sumit Chakravartty)
Returning Officer
New Delhi
April 30, 2011